Arizona Goat Yoga: Once you’re in

OK, so what do you do once you enter through the gate of Arizona Goat Yoga? You will see a lot of people and some multi colored cones in a circle. You will get your group together and sit close to each other… I’m talking pretty close so the goats will be able to jump from person to person. Not only do you need to sit close to your friends, but you also need to sit close to your neighbors. I know it seems a little weird and a little in your space, but trust me, this is how it has to be. you will not be thinking about it very long once the class starts. We always try to fit the first circle in that are closest to the cones first. In my opinion I feel the first circle gets a little more goat attention, so you will want to sit there first anyway. There is a tendency to all sit where you enter and forget the back side close to the road… this is a great place to sit! usually there is even more shade from the shade trees along the road. You will want to sit there. We call this sitting in a circle Mandala Yoga. It is also fun to watch each other. After the first circle is full, you can start on the second circle. You want to make enough room from the person in front of you, maybe 5 feet or so, so they do not kick you when they put their foot back. this will also allow enough space for the goats and goat trainers to walk between the first and second circle. The yoga is easy enough for beginners, but can be made more difficult on your own for advanced yogis. Thus, Goat Yoga is for Everyone! Even if you just want to sit and cuddle the goats… although we have a 5 minute rule on goat cuddling. it is very hard to put a goat down or give it to the next person, but you have to be strong and share the goat love. baby goats are the cutest at Arizona goat yoga. they are so spunky. the babies are naturally trained because they follow their moms directions. they learn quickly what to do on command. it is very difficult to train a yoga goat, so this instinct that they are born with helps a lot. We also do all types of yoga during class. My favorite is the Acro partner yoga! You basically get with a friend and do some tricks that you may have not done since you were a kid… then we put a goat on it! Great for family and Christmas photos! Then you can recreate it in 20 years… we will still be here!