About Us: April Gould and Sarah Williams

girl doing wheel yoga pose with goat on top

As Original creators, April Gould and Sarah Williams are long time friends. we both grew up in Mesa Arizona, which is just on the outskirts of Phoenix. Close to the PHX airport. Sarah owned a successful paddle board business (Desert paddle boards). she also offered many fitness classes, such as parkour, boot camps, and yoga. she did paddle board yoga in local pool around the metro area. often worked with props (such as paddle boards) and was looking for a new and creative way to incorporate another prop… goats!

Sarah introduced the idea of goats to her friend April Gould. April has had goats for several years and was training them to jump on her back for training of the show American Ninja Warrior. Sarah coincidently was also on American ninja warrior. Sarah knew she trained with her goats, she she had the idea to not only work out with goats, but do yoga with goats! April was trying for American Ninja Warrior in 2015. Goat yoga was also created in 2015. there is another person who has claimed to have started goat yoga. she didn’t start putting goats on peoples back until 2016. Goat yoga did become popular in 2016, but goats were put on backs with excersize a year before that… which is why we claim to be the first goat yoga in the world. April has always wanted to do a circus type class… as she also does circus activite such as the flying trapeze. she has always loved to do acro yoga with her kids, and wanted to start an acro yoga class. so when goat yoga classes began to grow, April incorporated her acro yoga skills into goat yoga. this is what others are “inspired” to do. we were the first to dress the goats… this is what peopled are “inspired” to do. we were the first to incorporate alpacas into class. this is what others are “inspired” to do. we were the first to backbends and other poses with goats on your back (or stomach) this is what others are “inspired” to do… so who was the original creators? you tell me.

many questioned the idea at first… actually they thought it was pretty weird. we live by the motto “there is no such thing as a weird idea”… so we continued. we are always thinking of ways to improve ourselves. we are always coming up with new ideas. our ideas “inspire” other goat yogas to spread the love!  come to where ideas happen first, come to Arizona Goat Yoga!