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Weither you live here or are just visiting, you must come experience one of the biggest attractions Phoenix has to offer, Arizona Goat Yoga! As a main touist destination, we are just 35 minutes away from PHX Sky Harbor Airport. Centrally located, many come to Arizona JUST to try our award winning goat yoga classes.  With extreemly talanted and trained goats, and one of a kind yoga instructor that doubles as an improve comedian. So what are you waiting for? Come take a class!

Arizona Goat Yoga was created in 2015 by owners April Gould and Sarah Williams. It has since then grown across the world! Honestly, we kinda started it to be funny. April and Sarah both have quirky personalities and are always coming up with fun ideas. 

April has had goats for 16 years. She moved out to her home on 3 acres… so they needed lawnmowers. Goats are amazing lawnmowers and fertilizers. They don’t pull the grass out by the root, like horses or cows, they simply trim the tops. They mow the grass better than any mower can! They also trim trees! Many times people will hire goats to clear weeds around their property. This was the case in California during the forest fire. They hired a herd of 500 goats to clear scrub around the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. This was essential, as the library holds a huge part of our history of the United States.

April has had up to 70 goats at one time… until her husband said she was a goat hoarder lol.  April has 3 kids (the people kind) who play outside with the goats everyday. They are sometimes even their best friends, as they have grown up with them. Summer, the middle child, reads books to them, listens to their problems,  and even marries them. She knows all their names and the whole genealogy of every single goat. Every goat is precious and all have their own personalities. Many people probably don’t realize this. You may think of a goat as simply a farm animal who grazes in the grass and is used for milk and cheese. They are much more than that! They are our beloved pets. We care for them as one may care for their cat or dog. I get sad when people ask if we use them for meat. Do you use your pet for meat? Nope, and No Way!

Baby goats are the cutest animal you have ever seen! When they are babies (or Kids) They have so much energy and frolic around. They start to walk as soon as they are born and by the next day they are jumping all over. Goats have rectangular little eyes. They are the only animals with these eyes. I find it quite fascinating. 

 The idea came when April was training for American Ninja Warrior and having fun doing push-ups and squats with her goats. 

The idea of goat yoga came as inspiration. April was training for American Ninja Warrior. She was making her application video, when she felt the need to put the goat on her back and do a pushup with him. As a silly idea she felt it was perfect to help her stand out to all the 70,000 other applications. For those that don’t know what American Ninja Warrior is, is it is a TV show where people are faced with obstacles to go across. The winner receives one million dollars. in the history of ANW there has only been a few who have completed Mount Diorama! Mount Diorama is basically a 75ft rope climb that they have to complete within a certain time limit. This is difficult on its own, but the obstacles before this are nearly impossible. The first ninja warrior to win the grand prize was competing with another Ninja that made it to the final stage. He only won by a matter of milliseconds! It made for a tight race, and very suspenseful ending. 

Anyway, part of the American Ninja Warrior is, not only do you have to have the physical ability, but you have to have a unique and interesting story. Aprils interesting story was that she trained with her goats! She would do push ups and squats with her goats on her back! With the help from her kids, she was able to teach them to jump up on their own, on command! They dubbed her as the “Goat Whisperer”, and yes she made it on the show. they did a nice feature on her training with her goats.

Sarah Williams was a huge part of the coming together for Phoenix Arizona Goat Yoga. Sarah owns her own paddleboard yoga business. She teaches paddle board during the summer in high school pools around the valley of Phoenix. She also rents out her paddleboards. She is one of the top paddle board rental companies in Arizona! Paddleboard yoga is a ton of fun! you basically go out into a pool with several other people. You are spaced out so no one hits each other. There is a yoga instructor that is on the side of the pool that does yoga while you mimic her move on an unstable paddleboard! It’s great for balance and strength, but mostly fun! Sarah is always coming up with ideas to have fun! Every year for Halloween she gets together 100 people to dress as witches and paddle the Tempe Town Lake. It is a blast to see so many witches paddling around you! This last halloween, it was extremely windy, so very difficult to stand up. Many people paddled on their knees. Some didn’t even make it to the bridge. One things for sure, it was still a total blast! Even though I fell in LOL. Sarah loves to travel and has been all over the world. She gets many inspirations from other countries.

When winter came, not as many people were renting paddle boards… except Canadians. She was thinking of some ideas she could do with yoga to keep her business alive for a few months, until it warmed up. She knew April had extraordinary goats. She knew that she was doing training with them and putting them on her back. That is when she had the crazy fun idea to put them together… Goat Yoga! 

Arizona Goat Yoga is the very first goat yoga created. It started growing roots in 2015, and started getting really big in 2016! Like I said before, we started it out as a joke. We had 8 of our friends come out to make a video. We posted this video on social media, such as facebook and instagram. Not soon after, the news was calling us to take one of our “goat yoga” classes. We hadn’t really thought about making classes out of it, but we never say no to any opportunity that comes our way… so we said sure! they asked when our next class was and April and Sarah picked a random date and said… This Wednesday!

We again asked all our friends to come to a goat yoga class to make it look like it was an actual thing. The news channel 10 had a blast with it. We were live, so it was a little nerve wracking. It actually turned out to be pretty cute. Success! A couple days later, news channel 3/5 called us. They said they want to come to our next goat yoga class! we were so flabbergasted! we had no idea the news would start picking it up! again, we came up with a random day, and said How about Friday? Once again, we begged 20 of our friends to come out and make it look like we were having a goat yoga class. The news continued to pick us up. We had news media literally every single class. This really helped us grow! After a while, people started calling US to do goat yoga classes. we offered them for  super affordable. people started saying “this was the best day of their life!”. We could tell we were actually making people happy! this fueled our fire. We love making people happy. this is our greatest reward. We started having regular classes and then decided we should make it an actual business! We continued until we had regular flow of customers coming in. We integrated t shirts that we sold for $20. Everybody loved them, so we started growing with more colors and sizes. When we were consistently reaching 50 people in a class. We decided that we should officially make this an actual business. We got a website, insurance, and business license. We were running out of parking space at April’s house, so we needed to grow to a larger location. April drove around to different locations until she found Welcome Home Ranch, which is a drug rehab facility for men 18-35 year olds. This was perfect because there was a lot of parking and a beautiful green pasture overlooking phoenix arizona mountains!

We started doing classes there and have grown to 100-150 people in each class! We are very proud of our women owned business and what it has become. There are now several goat yoga classes throughout the United States, and even surrounding countries. There are now many television shows and commercials that reference goat yoga, and even games, figurines puzzles and even an animated yoga goat that dances and sings. These toys are all centered and inspired by Arizona goat yoga!  Arizona Goat Yoga is the first goat yoga, original goat yoga, and best of all the creators of goat yoga. we are proud to have inspired so many people around the world. Many other goat yogas watch our every move on FacebookInstagram or Twitter to see what we will come up with next. Every time we come up with a new idea, or add a new animal to our farm, such as the alpacas, it doesn’t take long before we see others start to do the same thing. If you want the full original experience it is better to just take a class from the creators themselves.

April and Sarah have been featured on many television shows and have had celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourn, Kelly Osbourn, and bachelor JoJo and Jordan from Cash Pad. April Gould and Sarah Williams were on The Amazing Race season 30 as Team Goat Yoga. We also both competed on American Ninja Warrior. We were on Ellen Degeneres Game of Games, and other fun things. It has been a great experience of a lifetime… or as we like to say a “Goat Experience”. Come check out what all the fun is about! we will also guarantee you a “goat Experience”.