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Where to find Goat Yoga Classes? We suggest going to the original source! Arizona Goat Yoga! We guarantee a goat experience! just 25 minutes from the Phenix Airport, it is an easy and fun place making it the top 10 things to do in Arizona, and the top tourist destination. We welcome bloggers from all around the country. what should you expect at a goat yoga class? Well besides a ton of fun and laughter, we utilize every type and style of yoga. this includes Mandla yoga, which is yoga joined in a circle to watch everyone around you and bring 100 people of the community together. We also do laughter yoga (which is probably the most therapeutic, we also do partner or Acro yoga. this is where people really connect with each other doing fun acrobat poses with a goat on your back. we have cow cuddling, which is just as it sounds. cuddling with Daisy the Dary cow. she is the sweetest cow you will ever meet! we also incorprogate goat yoga, of course- goats playing around and on top of you. we also have alpaca yoga- where the alpacas silently judge you. at any rate you should come were ideas happen first. Arizona and Phoenix goat yoga! We take pride in our women owned business. We started with nothing, not even knowing how to run a business. Many thought it was a “weird” idea, but our motto is “there is no such thing as a weird idea” infact, the weirder the better! come check us out! you will be glad you did! also bring a friend! they will love you and it makes for better partner yoga. although you can come alone and have just as much fun! you will make friends, as you are all there together!